Did Some Sprucing Up~!

Hey everybody! Been quiet for a while, we know.

We’ve actually got a lot going on. The original greenlight for Mute Crimson + wasn’t a loud and crazy success, and we believe that’s mostly due to it using the original game’s assets and such.

We’re working hard on revamping it so it looks rad, too!  Only a few more tilesets need to be finished before we can relaunch the greenlight for Mute Crimson +. It’s got an entire new campaign done, an extra world on top of that, new bosses, most of the music’s in!

It’s coming together, and we’re really looking forward to sharing what we have with you guys!

ps, the gifs are much smaller now on the site. Didn’t realize how hard that was for phones to view!

Thanks for reading, all!

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