Mute Crimson+


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About Mute Crimson+ :

Be a ninja and go on an action platforming adventure to save the world. Climb walls, slice up bad guys, master tricky platforming sequences and face ruthless bosses

Key Features :

  • Seven worlds full of ninja platforming challenges.
  • Cutscenes to add to the story.
  • Intense boss battles.
  • Carefully limited color palette.
  • Authentic nes/famicom compliant chiptune soundtrack.
  • Optional collectibles and hidden secrets for experts.
  • Numerous extras and challenge modes to unlock.
  • Includes Full Controller Support, Video Options and Custom Key Bindings.
  • Steam features such as : Steam Achievements, Trading Cards and Steam Cloud.
  • Mute Crimson+ is available on Windows PC, Mac, Linux and Steam OS.

Price : $4.99 USD

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