Null Divide+

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—Download Null Divide+ (It’s free!) :—

Windows v1.0

Mac v1.0

Linux v1.0

Android (No Touch Support) v1.0


Null Divide+

Null Divide+ is a top down shooter presented with a retro look and authentic NES music.  Your ship is out of fuel, and your only hope for getting home is to salvage a nearby abandoned space station.  You’ll explore the station, do battle with the machines lurking within and find upgrades for  your ship to aid you in your mission.

Check out the launch trailer!



Up-to-date java installation. If you don’t have it, go here!

Support for OpenGL2

Null Divide+ is played with either a controller  or mouse+keyboard.



Screenshot 3     Screenshot 2

Screenshot 1     null_5

null_6     nulL_1

20 Responses to Null Divide+

  1. What about your XBLIG version? I remember playing it a long time ago.

    • mtmbpatrick says:

      What about it? This is a polished and enhanced version of that game (new soundtrack, new mode, many fixes, KB/M control support, recording support, and more). I have been messing around with the libGDX framework for a while and it seemed like a decent idea to port this, fix it up (with help from a friend), and release it. I may release the rough older version “as is” on this blog sometime in the future for the fun of it.

      I may do a definitive version of “Mute Crimson” sometime as well but not for a long time as I am working on some new projects.

  2. kuroshima says:

    Nice game! I can’t want until you have an Android version with touch controls.

    I’m not getting sound on Linux (ubuntu 12.04) though.

    • mtmbpatrick says:

      Touch controls would require some actual game redesign (you get an ability later in the game that requires holding shoot + moving the cursor/stick which would be impossible with virtual controls on a touchscreen) along with being incredibly cumbersome so I don’t think I will be implementing them.

      I have no clue what would cause that sound issue. I was able to get the game running properly on the latest version of Linux Mint. I will look into it.

      • kuroshima says:

        I do not know about what exactly this hold shoot and move thing does, but with multi-touch, could’t you do touch with 2 fingers for that? Use a virtual joystick for movement (despite the fact that I have virtual joysticks to death, I see no other way to go here)

  3. cap10wow says:

    Hi, I can’t get any graphics to run on mac os 10.6.8. Sound is present over a black screen. Java is up to date.

  4. gunther says:

    runs fine on Linux 13 Mint Maya using openjdk 6 ..
    thank you for the trip down memory lane :)

  5. David says:

    Fun game. The boss rushes are damned near impossible though.

  6. Arne says:

    Stupid question (probably): how do the android controls work?! I can’t seem to find any virtual joystick or the like …

    • mtmbpatrick says:

      There are no virtual controls in this game. I am not totally against the idea of adding in virtual controls for games but for this game they would be a real pain (for reasons noted above). I am ordering a cable so I can test USB controllers on my Android tablet. Theoretically it should support controllers on Android but I have no current means to test it (and I have been notified that they may not be working).

      You can hook up a mouse and keyboard to your Android device and play but obviously that is not ideal.

  7. Adam says:

    I had a lot of fun with your game and will share it with other friends. Still am yet to get 100% but will happily do so.

    Just a curious question. Why is the messages about entering poison areas called ‘entering decontaminated zone’, and why does exiting the poison areas called ‘entering re-contaminated zone’. Contamination implies the place is unclean or poison, while decontamination implies that it is clean. So entering a clean environment is bad for the character, but staying in a dirty environment is safe ???

    If its just a word confusion it would be ‘entering contaminated zone’ when entering poison while ‘entering decontaminated zone’ or ‘exiting contaminated zone’ when exiting poison. Though, perhaps the Ser-pilot is an Alien and needs a constant infection (a contaminant) to stay alive, hence why decontaminated zones are lethal to it (like being unable to breath).

    If anything this label made me think more about the story so its a good thing.

  8. wea0 says:

    Does it support gamepad (for movement) and mouse (for aiming) at the same time?

  9. wea0 says:

    I guess this would be my #1 feature request.

  10. My biggest issue is that the game seems to require you to have three hands if you want to do mouse +keyboard play. Since you use a mouse with your right hand to aim and shoot, you can’t also use your right hand for arrow key controls which forces me into using the AWSD which throws me off. Boosting around is difficult because while you can use your hands to move your ship and boost, you can’t use your mouse to guide shots. And the first boss, which should have been simple, kept getting me because I was so disoriented trying to both keep track of where I wanted my shots to go and where I wanted my ship to go. It feels like it would have been easier to make this a keyboard only game and just have your shots go the direction your ship is facing or to have one of the mouse buttons for movement.

    I don’t see anyone else complaining about this in the comments, so please tell me if I’m just missing something. I love retro style games, and this one really DOES appeal to me, but the controls keep irking me

  11. alter_ego says:

    great game! I’m waiting for another one! (or maybe null divide 2!)

  12. De verdad que estaba buscando esto, la verdad que es bueno conseguir cosas asi, ahora mismo comenzaré un proyecto que se relaciona bastante con esto.

  13. Chris Morris says:

    Your download link for Windows doesn’t work. Could you please post the full link?

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